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The Pelvic Partnership is a group of women, all volunteers, with personal experience of Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP).

Our Mission Statement:

The Pelvic Partnership aims to provide support and information about Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) to women with PGP and their families and carers.

We aim to raise general awareness that PGP is a biomechanical problem and responds well to manual therapy.

We aim to inform healthcare professionals about PGP and aim to encourage evidence-based practice among all professionals caring for women with PGP and their families and carers.

Our Aims:

1. To empower women to make informed choices and decisions about their care during and after pregnancy. The information we are able to give is based on both research, and the experience of other women with PGP.

2. To offer support through telephone contact, email, personal contact and group meetings, and aim to make these as accessible as possible to all group members.

3. To empower women to have a positive experience of pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood through being able to manage their condition through making informed choices.

4. To improve the care received by women with PGP by providing information in the form of presentations and written information to any healthcare provider.

5. To be involved in developing improved care and access for all women with PGP to maternity services and physiotherapy treatment by maintaining contact with service providers and offering feedback about women's experiences.

6. To monitor responses from members about the care they receive and feed these back confidentially to maternity service providers.

7. To treat all women who contact the group equally, with respect and meet their individual needs.

8. To produce evidence-based literature covering different aspects of PGP and aimed at different audiences.

PGP is a common and, in most cases, treatable condition using manual therapy techniques.

Please join us to help us to support you through our literature and helpline. Your membership will also help other women with PGP and enable us to raise the profile of PGP among both women and professionals.

Charity Registered in England: 1100373 

Please note, the Pelvic Partnership consists of volunteers who have had Pelvic Girdle Pain and wish to support other women. We aim to pass on information based on research evidence where available. We are not medical professionals and cannot offer medical advice. The Pelvic Partnership takes no responsibility for any action you do or do not take as a result of reading this information.

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