If it’s not PGP, then what could it be?

The Pelvic Partnership was formed to help women with pregnancy-related PGP, and we are strong in our conviction that PGP caused by a biomechanical joint dysfunction can resolve with treatment. However, there are many other causes of chronic pelvic pain so you may need to access further information and support from other charities/organisations, some of which are listed below.

Exploring other causes of pelvic pain

As you can see below, your pelvis contains other organs, all of which could also cause pelvic pain.

There are numerous other possible causes of pelvic pain which the healthcare professionals caring for you should consider when diagnosing PGP. 

It can be helpful to keep an open mind about your symptoms and discuss other possible causes for your pain with your GP if you have not responded to treatment for your PGP (remembering that it can take time to find an effective manual therapist – please see our ‘What to do if treatment is not helping’ page). 

We have tried to group these different kinds of pelvic pain problems into specific groups where there is a common theme. We have included a brief description of the symptoms associated with each of these problems/conditions and signposts to other organisations that should provide you with further information and support. In addition, the Pelvic Pain Support Network website includes much more detailed information about other causes of pelvic pain and provides support on a range of conditions associated with pelvic pain:

These pages were produced after consulting a number of websites including:
www.wikipedia.org, www.womenshealth.about.com, www.webmd.com, www.uptodate.com, My story – Jane Barnes, Useful sources of support and information.

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The Pelvic Partnership consists of volunteers who have had pelvic girdle pain (PGP) and wish to support other women. We aim to pass on information based on both research and the experience of other women with PGP. We are not medical professionals and cannot offer medical advice and the information we provide should not take the place of advice and guidance from your own health-care providers. Material on this site is provided for information and support purposes only.

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