AGM minutes and Annual Report 2017

Minutes for the Fifteenth Annual General Meeting

Date: Thursday 22nd June 2017

Time: 8.00 pm

Venue: Harwell Primary School, 15 The Styles, Harwell, Oxon, OX11 0HX

1. Welcome from the Chair:

Sarah Fishburn introduced herself and welcomed everyone to the fifteenth Annual General Meeting. Everyone then introduced themselves to the group, including committee members and guests. Sarah explained how the Pelvic Partnership started in 2002 and how the charity has developed over the years. Sarah discussed our difficulty operating on low funds in 2013/14 and explained that we were near closure but thanks to two very generous donations we are no longer in this predicament. Lucy explained that this is why we apply for grants for all project work rather than using reserves.

Gill Amos, a McTimoney Chiropractor who has recently been added to our recommended practitioners list, asked if we have ever asked for donations from practitioners on our list. Sarah explained that we have attempted this in the past but did not get much response. Lucy went on to explain that it has meant admin time and costs that have not been productive. She also raised that it is a grey area as we want to include all practitioners on our list that have been recommended by at least two women and not lose any due to any fees that have not been met. Gill said that she will have a think about a way of approaching this and come back to us if she has any ideas.

2. Introductions and apologies:

Present: Sarah Fishburn, Lucy Ryan, Kate Macnab, Mad Speed, Philippa Sale, Fiona Tankard, Janet Jaudun, Charlene Cable, Claire Wilding, Laura Leslie, Gill Amos.

Apologies: Rebecca Martin, Ellen Hylton and Liz Ryan

3. Minutes of the last meeting:

These were approved as a true and accurate record.

4. Matters arising:

There were no matters arising.

5. Officers’ reports:

The proceedings for the 2017 Annual General Meeting then began with Lucy Ryan, Co-ordinator and Treasurer, summarising the reports, including the main actions over the last financial year and the financial incomings and outgoings for the year.

Lucy also shared Google analytics report

to help to explain why the committee made the decision to end the helpline at the end of 2016 and demonstrate that despite closing the email helpline we have still had the same number of hits to our website. A drop in the number of contacts to our telephone helpline alongside a lot of positive feedback about our website content, indicates that women are finding the information they need on our website, as we had hoped. All Trustees present were pleased to see this report and Philippa highlighted from the report that women are spending less time on our website, suggesting that they are finding the information they need more quickly. Laura suggested that we also look at Facebook reports too as we are likely to get a lot of social media traffic who don’t necessarily go onto our website.Action: Lucy to circulate the Facebook report at the Away Day in September.

For the full annual report (April 2015 – March 2016) including reports from all officers and the financial report please click here

.6. Election of officers:

Mad invited all present to put themselves forward as officers for the Pelvic Partnership. Mad then proceeded to introduce the re-election of the officers.

  • Sarah Fishburn was proposed as Chairman by Lucy Ryan and seconded by Philippa Sale. As a result of the vote, Sarah was re-elected as the Chairman.
  • Claire Wilding was proposed as a new Trustee and Treasurer by Sarah Fishburn and seconded by Kate Macnab.
    As a result of the vote, Claire was elected as the Treasurer.
  • Janet Jaudun was proposed as Secretary (to continue covering Rebecca Martin’s maternity leave) by Philippa Sale and seconded by Fiona Tankard. As a result of the vote, Janet was elected as the Secretary.

Election of other trustees:

  • All trustees present at the meeting were asked if they wished to remain as a Trustee or retire from this position but remain as a volunteer due to the commitment that all Trustees must attend regular meetings. Fiona Tankard and Charlene Cable decided to retire as Trustees but wish to remain as volunteers.
  • The remaining Trustees were re-elected en bloque and agreed to continue in post. Lucy explained that Rebecca Martin also agreed to this ahead of the meeting.

Sarah again thanked all those who had supported the Pelvic Partnership over the last financial year and those who were present at the AGM for coming.

7. Any other business:

Lucy explained the plans for the next financial year including;

  • Application for funding at the next Away Day on Saturday 23rd September to cover the costs of the following projects. Lucy also explained that she will be investigating the Information Standard stamp of approval for our website with Mad ahead of the next Away Day ready to present their findings at the meeting. She explained that this application could prove tricky as our website combines research evidence with the reported experience of women with PGP and this may not be acceptable to the Information Standard assessors. The meeting agreed that this is one of the strengths of the charity which we would not wish to lose.
  • Creation of our ‘What to expect from treatment’ YouTube video to give women a visual idea of what to expect from an assessment and treatment session. Lucy suggested that we also plan a series of podcasts or YouTube interviews with healthcare professionals experienced in the care and treatment of women with PGP as part of this project. We will give members and social media followers an opportunity to ask these professionals questions. All agreed that this was a good idea and will expand our on-line presence.
  • Plans for future projects at our Spring Away Day in 2018.

Claire asked if we had links with Pelvic Instability Network Scotland (PINS) as she explained that she found their on-line discussion board about aspects of PGP helpful. Sarah explained that Moira who set up PINS had been a member of the Pelvic Partnership but decided to set up PINS independent of our charity as she felt Scottish members required slightly different support due to the rural expanse and lack of recommended practitioners. Lucy clarified why we do not moderate discussion boards or social media support groups as we have found it difficult to maintain volunteers due to the time commitment involved in this. However we do maintain Facebook and Twitter pages and respond to comments on our posts and still run our telephone helpline for women to be able to contact us and we are aware of Facebook PGP/SPD support groups that we can recommend to women.

8. Date of next AGM and Committee Meeting:

Lucy suggested that we try holding the AGM on a morning or afternoon next year including speakers to encourage more guests. All agreed that this is worth trying. No date was set at the meeting but the AGM will be held in the week beginning 18th June 2018, date and venue TBC.

9. Refreshments and opportunity to meet the committee.

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