Can you support Paul with £1, £5 or even a bit more?

Written by Madeleine Speed, the Pelvic Partnership, June 2015

Not everyone has the opportunity to follow in the cycle tracks of the Olympic athletes who competed in the first 100-mile cycling challenge of the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. The Prudential RideLondon – Surrey 100 event starts in Queen Elizabeth Park, follows a challenging route on closed roads into Surrey’s beautiful countryside and finishes back on the Mall in Central London – in 2015 it is just as challenging as it was to the 2012 Olympic cyclists.

This year’s exciting but daunting event takes place on 2nd August 2015 and Paul Fishburn has taken up the gauntlet of riding on behalf of the Pelvic Partnership for us. Many thanks to Paul for taking up this challenge to cycle in this prestigious event.

Can you help the Pelvic Partnership by sponsoring him?

Paul says “The Pelvic Partnership is a wonderful charity, which achieves great things on a very small budget. It helps women at often very difficult times of their lives as they adjust to motherhood whilst trying to cope with the pain and disability of pelvic girdle pain (PGP) caused by pregnancy.”

PGP can be very disabling and affects up to one in five women during and after pregnancy. It can mean having difficulty walking and looking after children. The condition responds very well to treatment with manual therapy such as physiotherapy but many women are told they have to put up with it as the “normal aches and pains of pregnancy.” More information can be found at

“The Pelvic Partnership doesn’t have the broad emotional appeal of some other charities, given that it seriously affects relatively few people” suggests Paul. “So that is why this event is a really important part of the charity’s fundraising, and why it is even more important to give generously. Most of the work is carried out by volunteers who run the charity, answering phone calls and emails, and run the website and other channels of communication with women, carers and health professionals.”

Paul has direct experience of the difficulties that PGP can cause during pregnancy: his wife Sarah had severe symptoms during all three pregnancies. He therefore recognises the value that the charity’s information and support can provide to women, enabling greater awareness of the causes of PGP and how best to treat it successfully.

Please help the charity by sponsoring Paul. Whatever you can spare will be invaluable to the charity – £6 pays for sending a full information pack to women or healthcare professionals, £3 pays for the cost of answering one of the 15,000 calls received by the Pelvic Partnership’s helpline each year, and £30 pays for the cost of the phoneline for a month.

Our aim this year is to publish advertorials in GP and midwifery professional journals which will cost a total of £10,000 which is our main fundraising goal this year, so anything that you can give will support us towards achieving improved recognition among healthcare professionals, which we know is vitally important to improve the care you receive.

Good luck to Paul on 2nd August when he sets out to follow in the tyre tracks of the 2012 Olympic athletes, and many thanks to everyone who will be sponsoring Paul.

You can sponsor Paul Fishburn now by following this link:


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