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Written by Claire and Lucy at the Pelvic Partnership, April 2018

As many of our supporters and members know, the Pelvic Partnership has been awarded the Big Lottery Fund’s Awards for All £10,000 grant to fund our ‘What to expect from treatment’ YouTube video. This is great news as the video will continue our ‘Stickmum’ campaign, spreading the word that Pelvic Girdle Pain is treatable: the sooner, the better! The video will expand on our current leaflet campaign and demonstrate an assessment and hands-on manual therapy treatment of a woman with PGP to give other women with this condition a deeper understanding of what effective treatment looks like. If you are experiencing PGP symptoms, please see our ‘Treatment’ section for more information about manual therapy and how to access this treatment.

We know that good hands-on treatment provision is increasingly available on the NHS and in the private sector and we have been delighted to see more NHS departments adopt this model of practice. However, we are aware that this type of treatment can be difficult to access on the NHS in some areas of the UK. In these areas some women are able to access this treatment by paying for it privately but others find it difficult to pay.


For those of you who need this treatment but cannot access it on the NHS or pay for it, there may be organisations that can provide financial help. One such organisation is the Frederick Andrew Convalescent Trust (FACT). If you are female and have been in paid employment at some time, FACT can award a grant to help with the cost of getting better following an illness or injury. They offer grants of up to £600 for therapy (including physiotherapy) and of up to £1000 for convalescence and domestic help.

There may also be charitable organisations active in your local area that can provide financial help. You can carry out a search on the Turn2Us website.

If you apply for a grant from FACT or any other grant giving body to help with your PGP, please let The Pelvic Partnership know what the outcome of your application is (whether you are successful or not). This may help us direct other women to organisations that can provide them with financial help.

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