Help us to take the next step in our ‘Stickmum’ campaign…

Written by Madeleine Speed, the Pelvic Partnership, June 2016

Please take a look at our new Stickmum video (see below under ‘the next step’) and pass on the link to others. Together we can reach many more women and healthcare professionals to improve the care of women who have pregnancy-related Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP).

The Pelvic Partnership ‘Stickmum’ Campaign – the story so far
Our mission as a charity is to improve the care offered to women who have PGP and although the Pelvic Partnership has been providing information about PGP for over 14 years, we regularly receive evidence that confirms that this condition is still poorly understood in the UK. Without prompt diagnosis and suitable treatment, the symptoms of pain and immobility can be needlessly prolonged.

So, we found an ambitious and effective way to raise the profile of PGP. At the end of 2015, the Pelvic Partnership produced and distributed over 100,000 ‘Stickmum’ leaflets to frontline healthcare professionals throughout the UK by including them in GP, midwifery and physiotherapy professional journals. A generous individual donation coupled with a Big Lottery Fund’s grant of £10,000, enabled the charity to launch the campaign.

The aim of the leaflet is to inform healthcare professionals and women with pregnancy related PGP about what PGP is and how it can be effectively and quickly treated with manual therapy (you can see and download the leaflet here). At a time when services are continuing to be reduced or cut, our objective is to provide a clear and accessible resource for healthcare professionals so more women with PGP are diagnosed quickly and offered effective manual therapy to treat their symptoms successfully.

We also asked visitors to our blog, like you, plus women with PGP, our members and friends of the charity to continue to spread the word about PGP by encouraging everyone to visit our website, to learn more about the campaign and to download a copy of the leaflet (you can see and download the leaflet here). In this way, increasing involvement in the campaign can help us all to pass on the good news about PGP and how it responds well to treatment through manual therapy. We have suggested that members of the public take a copy of this information leaflet to the healthcare professionals caring for them or to their local GP surgeries, midwifery units, and physiotherapy departments. In addition, healthcare professionals can pass on the leaflet to colleagues and trainees so that the leaflet is used as a resource to maximum benefit.

Positive feedback since the Stickmum launch
Since the launch of this project, the Pelvic Partnership team has received a wealth of positive feedback and we are delighted that healthcare professionals have welcomed this initiative. Below are some examples:

‘I wanted to thank you for your article in Frontline. I am a MSK physio who had the fortunate experience during my junior rotations working with amazing physios who treat PGP with manual therapy. We had a service that would regularly see pregnant women and the results of specific manual therapy to the sacrum or pubic symphysis was very successful. Now, eight years later I have treated many, many women with PGP before and after pregnancy with very good results. In fact I have seen a lot of people who have PGP for years and when treated it immediately reduces implying that the pelvic girdle is the issue not “chronic pain” as they had been previously told.’

‘Thank you so much for sending me some of the Stickmum leaflets!! Such a great resource!! Even my husband (GP) has been exposed to them at work so you have hit the marketing right! Would love to provide them as routine at work.’

‘I received my Practicing Midwife magazine and was delighted to see your organisation’s work to help pregnant women with PGP. I am a midwife with 34 years’ NHS service and it is definitely on the increase, never used to see so many women on crutches. Your article and booklet are extremely informative.’

Our Stickmum leaflet appeared in Dr Chan’s minor ailments forum on YouTube – ‘this video explains what pelvic girdle pain is, or SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) and its management in pregnant ladies. I have also included the information on a new charity called the Pelvic Partnership for the viewers to get more information on this conditions and for support:

‘Congratulations to the Pelvic Partnership for continuing to raise the profile of Pelvic Girdle Pain and the effective treatment thereof. Your website is a wealth of useful and sanity-saving information and advice for women struggling with this debilitating condition. Keep up the good work and we will continue to promote and support your cause.’

We have also continued to receive requests via our website and telephone helpline for Stickmum leaflets from healthcare professionals many of which also enquire about how they can learn the effective manual therapy techniques to treat PGP. This is the first time we have had so much interest from healthcare professionals as previously we have had funding mainly to enable us to reach out to and support women with PGP.

The next step
We want to capitalise on the success of the initiative by launching a campaign video on our website and also on YouTube. So here it is! The aim is to reach more healthcare professionals and women with PGP who access information regularly via video footage online. The campaign video features our likeable Stickmum characters again and the key messages from the leaflet and aims to appeal to anyone who appreciates the immediacy and simplicity of accessing video data via their laptop or computer.

Here is our NEW ‘Stickmum’ campaign video:


How you can help us spread the word further…
Just as you have responded so well to our request to download and distribute our Stickmum leaflet, please can you view and pass on the link to this video?. Again, talk about the video and forward it to family, friends, your GP and other healthcare professionals (health visitors, midwives, physiotherapists) so you can help us all to spread the word about PGP and how it can be treated successfully through prompt diagnosis and treatment. Do let us know what you think about the video and pass on any comments and feedback to us. Thank you!

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