Template for a complaint

The structure of your letter of complaint and the key points you may want to make will depend on the type of complaint.

This is an example of a template for making a complaint about your care with PGP:

                                                                                                6 The Avenue
                                                                                                Long Road
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Dr Williams
The Surgery
The Place
YY1 2XW                                                                                                        

2nd April 2017


Dear Dr Williams

Official complaint

Sally Jones – DOB: 01. 02. 81 – NHS Number: 123456

I am writing an official complaint because of problems with obtaining a referral for physiotherapy to treat my pregnancy-related Pelvic Girdle Pain.

I made the first appointment on 20th February 2017 and you said my difficulties with pain at the front of my pelvis might settle down. I said I thought it might be Pelvic Girdle Pain as I had seen a leaflet about this and the symptoms seemed similar. You said it was sensible to see if the pain went in a few weeks. As I am pregnant, you didn’t want me to take any pain killers but suggested I came back if the pain didn’t go away in a fortnight.

I returned to the surgery for an appointment with you on 9th March 2017. Instead of going away, I told you that the pain had got worse and I found it hard to turn in bed, sleep and to walk for more than a few minutes. As well as a pain in my pelvis, I was experiencing pain down my legs. I asked if I could see a physiotherapist because the symptoms seemed to be PGP. You didn’t examine me but suggested that you thought I was ‘overdoing things’ now that I am 23 weeks pregnant. I showed you a page I had printed out from a healthcare website about PGP but you said that you thought the pain might be associated with the fall I experienced two years ago and felt that the increasing weight of the baby on my pelvis might account for the stabbing pains at the front of my pelvis. You didn’t agree to my being seen by a physiotherapist. You said I should come back in a few weeks if the pain continued to see what pain relief might help.

A week later, on 16th March, you saw me again and agreed that I might have the symptoms of PGP. I asked if I could be referred for a physiotherapy session as I had read that I needed to be examined and diagnosed by a physiotherapist ahead of receiving manual therapy for the PGP symptoms. You said that you didn’t think that a referral was necessary and suggested that I ordered a maternity belt.

I have felt upset and distressed about my appointments with you. I showed you information I had found about PGP and the fact that a referral to see a physiotherapist is recommended for women with PGP symptoms. You declined even though each time I have visited you at the surgery, you have agreed that my symptoms have been getting worse. I have to get the bus to appointments and feel that my repeated trips are costly and time-consuming.

I would like a personal apology from the doctor’s surgery and to be informed that a referral has been made for me to see the NHS physiotherapist for an examination to see if my symptoms are related to PGP and if they are to have a plan of treatment drawn up for me.

I look forward to hearing from you within the time limits set out in the NHS Complaints Procedure.

Yours sincerely

Sally Jones



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