Minutes for the Sixteenth Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Date: Thursday 21st June 2018 at 7.45 for 8.00pm

Venue: Harwell Church, Church Lane, Harwell, OX11 0EZ

Welcome from the Chair: Sarah Fishburn introduced herself and welcomed everyone to the sixteenth Annual General Meeting. Everyone present then introduced themselves to the group.

  1. Introductions and apologies:

Present: Sarah Fishburn, Lucy Ryan, Kate Macnab, Philippa Sale, Janet Jaudun, Charlene Cable, Claire Wilding, Ellen Hylton and Liz Ryan.

Apologies: Rebecca Martin, Fiona Tankard, and Laura Leslie

  1. Minutes of the last meeting:

These were approved as a true and accurate record.

  1. Matters arising:
  • All present discussed the current format of our AGM as this was also raised at the last AGM but no action taken. The amount of agenda items to cover in the evening meeting is increasing each year so Charlene suggested we combine our summer away day and AGM to include enough time for a meeting agenda, annual report, and election of officers and a speaker. All to review and decide at our next committee meeting.
  • Claire suggested that we include the following statistics during the financial year in our annual report to keep as a record and annual comparator:
  • Website hits
  • Social media analytics
  • Helpline calls
  • Online information pack requests

Lucy agreed to add this to next year’s annual report.

The above actions have been added to our action log.

  1. Annual report including officers’ reports:
  • The proceedings for the 2018 Annual General Meeting then began with Sarah Fishburn, Chair, Janet Jaudun, Secretary, Claire Wilding, Treasurer and Lucy Ryan, Co-ordinator, summarising their reports, including the main projects and actions over the last financial year and the financial incomings and outgoings for the year.

The full officer reports including the full financial report are included in the Annual Report for April 2017 – March 2018, CLICK HERE to view our full annual report.

  • Charlene highlighted an error on page 1 of the annual report. Fiona Tankard and Charlene Cable were listed as Trustees as at 31st March 2018 but they were volunteers, not Trustees at this date. Sarah amended the list and signed for this change.
  • Sarah thanked all those who had supported the Pelvic Partnership over the last financial year and those who were present at the AGM for coming.
  1. Talks from Sarah Fishburn and Claire Wilding about working with the Pelvic Partnership as a Trustee: This item did not go ahead as no guests were present at the meeting.
  1. Election of officers/Trustees:

The officers and trustees stepped down from their roles. All were content to be re-elected. Charlene then proceeded to introduce the re-election of the officers.

  • Sarah Fishburn was proposed as Chairman by Charlene Cable and seconded by Ellen Hylton. As a result of the vote, Sarah was re-elected as the Chairman.
  • Janet Jaudun was proposed as Secretary (to continue covering Rebecca Martin’s maternity leave) by Charlene Cable and seconded by Philippa Sale. As a result of the vote, Janet was elected as the Secretary.
  • Claire Wilding was proposed as Treasurer by Charlene Cable and seconded by Janet Jaudun.

As a result of the vote, Claire was elected as the Treasurer.

Election of other trustees:

  • Lucy explained that Fiona Tankard wished to be re-elected as a Trustee and that Madeleine Speed officially retired as a Trustee in writing in March 2018.
  • Lucy retired as a Trustee since the appointment of Claire Wilding as Treasurer but will remain in post as Co-ordinator.
  • All remaining Trustees were re-elected en bloc and agreed to continue in post.
  1. Update to charity constitution and mission statement:
  • All present at the meeting discussed and began updating our charity constitution focussing on item C. Objects. As it is a lengthy document all present agreed to review the constitution against an up-to-date charity commission constitution template to ensure we are covering everything we should be.

Lucy to check if our amendment to item C. Objects need to be formally approved by the Charity Commission: ‘The charity’s objects are: to inform and support women with pelvic girdle pain (PGP) and their families, carers, and healthcare professionals, and promote effective treatment’, and circulate any other amendments to the constitution to the committee prior to our next meeting in September. Lucy agreed to liaise with Claire regarding adding information about payment authorisation online under item K. Receipts and Expenditure.

  • All present discussed and contributed to updating the charity mission statement and aims. Lucy to circulate to the committee for comments and check with the Charity Commission if this needs to be added to our charity constitution.
  • Ellen suggested adding our mission statement to our annual report. Lucy to action at the end of the next financial year.

All actions above have been added to our action log.

  1. AOB: Quotes for Stickmum story animation to include in our YouTube video – Lucy presented three quotes and demos from animators. Claire asked if a review/edit is included in each quote. Lucy to contact animators and circulate final quotes and links to sample animations to the committee. Lucy explained that a decision needs to be made by Wednesday 27th

Update to letterhead including new logo – Philippa highlighted that we need to update our letterhead to include our new logo. Philippa agreed to action this and send it to Lucy.

All the actions above have been added to our action log.

  1. Date of next AGM and Committee Meeting:

Lucy will circulate doodle polls for our September committee meeting and Facebook members’ support group training. The next away day is planned for February/March 2019, the date to be arranged at the September committee meeting.

Date of next AGM: Thursday 20th June 2019

Charity Registered in England: 1100373 

The Pelvic Partnership consists of volunteers who have had pelvic girdle pain (PGP) and wish to support other women. We aim to pass on information based on both research and the experience of other women with PGP. We are not medical professionals and cannot offer medical advice and the information we provide should not take the place of advice and guidance from your own health-care providers. Material on this site is provided for information and support purposes only.

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