Preparing for the New Year

New Year resolutions. Instead of thinking of things to stop, look for some positive activities or resolutions that will benefit you. Here are some tips that worked for some of us and can help you to feel more in control of your PGP. Pour yourself a glass of wine or your favourite drink, cut a slice of chocolate or Christmas cake and think about the year ahead and what you would like to happen. Think big and see if you can jot down your thoughts.

  • Are you making progress with your PGP? Are you seeing a physio, osteo-path or chiropractor at the moment? If you are, do you feel you are getting better with increased mobility and decreased pain? If not, resolve to find a different practitioner to treat you so you get better. Give the Pelvic Part-nership Helpline a ring if you want help finding someone suitable in your area.
  • If you feel you are making headway with your PGP and have overcome your mobility problems, consider taking up Pilates, swimming or a new sport to increase your fitness and so you enjoy being more active.
  • If you have internet access, consider getting your super market shopping delivered to you. This can help you to avoid pushing a trolley or carrying heavy shopping if you have reduced mobility with PGP. If your PGP get-ting better, having your shopping delivered can still help you to avoid over-doing things.
  • Book in some ‘me time’ each day even if it is just for twenty minutes. Even simple pleasures of reading, watching a favourite film or a bubble bath can help you to relax and feel refreshed.
  • See if you can share chores that aggravate your PGP. If you find vacuuming can cause your PGP to flare up, team up with a friend who will do this for you, in return for a chore you don’t mind and can do for them while sitting down.
  • Resolve to enjoy the New Year as it progresses with ideas for fun activities for you and the family.

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