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Recommended practitioners

The Pelvic Partnership maintains this list purely as a resource for women with PGP in the UK who are looking for effective treatment. The link below takes you to a list of private practitioners recommended by other women with PGP. Before you see any practitioner, including an NHS one, please read the Treatment section of our website which explains what you should expect from a treatment session.

In order to appear on this list, practitioners have been recommended by at least two separate women with PGP whom they have successfully treated.

If you have seen a practitioner who you have found to be exceptional, we would love to hear from you. For example, do let us know if you have gone from crutches to walking independently, or from a wheelchair to being pain free – we would love to know more about your manual therapist, how they treated you and made this change to your symptoms, and possibly add them to our database. To submit your recommendation please complete our 'Practitioner recommendation' form.

We try to ensure that this list is accurate and current, but we cannot guarantee every entry is completely correct when you read it. We rely on you to keep us abreast of current recommendations, so please get in touch with us if you have any relevant feedback on any of these practitioners.

Practitioners cannot recommend themselves and we do not display links to practitioners’ websites or accept payment for appearing here. Practitioners are very welcome to join the Pelvic Partnership but this will not ensure them a place on the list or allow them to claim they have been recommended by us.

We reserve the right to remove practitioners from this list without notice or explanation. If we receive complaints about a particular practitioner, we do not investigate them ourselves but recommend that members contact the practitioner’s professional regulatory body for advice and/or to report their behaviour. We are likely to remove a practitioner from this list if a complaint is received, as we are no longer able to describe them as ‘recommended by our members’. However, we try to use our discretion to act in a fair and balanced way if and when we remove a practitioner from the list.

Please click here for our 'recommended practitioners' list

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