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Facts & myths

Our mission is to share facts and bust myths about pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain (PGP).

Facts about PGP

  • It used to be known as symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD)
  • It is a pelvic joint condition
  • It is treatable with individualised treatment, including manual therapy
  • It can occur at any stage in pregnancy or after a baby is born
  • It can affect any woman
  • It may continue for months or years postnatally
  • If managed well, it does not need to be so serious in a subsequent pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding does not impact PGP 

Myths about PGP

  • It is a hormonal condition
  • It is untreatable
  • It occurs only in late pregnancy
  • It affects women who are not active enough
  • It will get better as soon as the baby is born
  • It gets worse with each pregnancy
  • It will stop when you stop breastfeeding
  • It only affects women who are overweight
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