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COVID-19 Inquiry

The Pelvic Partnership is advocating for women with PGP in the Covid-19 Inquiry.

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The Pelvic Partnership is one of 13 pregnancy and baby charities who have been awarded Core Participant status in Module 3 of the Covid-19 Inquiry led by Baroness Hallett. 

That means that we are joining forces with other charities to raise awareness about how the pandemic impacted women and families. We will be advocating strongly for women who experienced PGP during the pandemic and how their care and treatment was effected by policy decisions. For example, the cessation of all manual therapy and limited face-to-face care offered to pregnant women and birthing people during the various lockdowns. 

Please contact our co-ordinator if you want to share your experiences of managing PGP in the pandemic:

[email protected]

You can also find out more about the Covid-19 Inquiry here:

UK Covid Inquiry

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