Have you heard of Tamba?

Written by Madeleine Speed, the Pelvic Partnership, December 2016

It could be very useful to you and your family this Christmas and into 2017 if you are expecting…

When my friend Sue got in touch last week to say that she had just given birth to twins, I was really excited and happy for her. Twins in time for Christmas – what a wonderful and priceless gift!

Sue had some pain and immobility from Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) in the middle of her pregnancy but with help from the Pelvic Partnership she was able to find a physiotherapist whose manual therapy eased the symptoms and helped her to prepare for the birth. She said that the delivery had been natural, they knew in advance that they were having twins and were suitably prepared (or as much as you can be)! So the overall message was that Sue was really enjoying them. There have been twins in her family going back several generations and so she wasn’t surprised when she fell pregnant with them, which is all good.

I am very pleased to report that Sue is lucky enough to have her mum, her mum-in-law and various old friends within the same town and they are a wonderfully supportive bunch, so I am hoping that she will find having twins a joy rather than a joy-cum-challenge! So far, there are no PGP niggles but if they occur, she’s a member of the Pelvic Partnership and has her physiotherapist on speed dial.

Turning the tables

So the tables were turned: instead of my offering any additional information on PGP, Sue asked if I had heard of Tamba, a registered charity which offers information for families where a woman is expecting twins, triplets or more. It sounded vaguely familiar as we have a link on the Pelvic Partnership website but (without looking it up) I had no idea what it did, so I have promised to spread the word about Tamba to our Pelvic Partnership blog readers.

Twins And Multiple Births Association or Tamba – is a twins and triplets charity (the website suggests that it is the leading charity for multiple births). Tamba provides helpful information to give guidance and support if you are expecting twins (triplets, etc) and need help and insight into what to expect, how to prepare for the birth, breastfeeding and much more. Tamba also provides access to useful resources; so there are numerous videos, booklets and factsheets for parents, grandparents, partners and family. The charity also runs many courses around the UK for families and healthcare professionals. The aim is to help to improve health and developmental outcomes (and clinical research) of pregnancy with twins, triplets or more.

I can’t think of anything more wonderful than the prospect of having a baby at Christmas or into 2017 – unless it is the promise of twins or more! If this is you, then have a look at Tamba’s website to find out more and to see how their information and support might benefit you and your family.

Happy Christmas from the Pelvic Partnership team!

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